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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Answer Me!!

Spiteful words can hurt your feelings... But silence can break your heart....

Oh truer words never written.  Silence is deadly.. it is heartbreaking, agonizing, torturous, painful.
And, oh so unfair.  Is anybody given the right to ignore another human being??  I don't think so.  I think as humans we need to be heard, and when we are heard we need to be answered. 

Think of a time you witnessed a young child being ignored, or in some cases ignored a young child. We are all guilty of it. You're on the phone, or watching a show, or anything and your child asks you a question, or wants you to look at their masterpiece. You put your hand up, or a finger as if to say one minute. That one minute never comes.  What does the child do?  Do they initially go away? Not usually.  

I have worked with many children, in my experiences when a child is trying to get the attention of a peer they do a few things;  they get louder, they scream, they cry, they throw something, they tell an adult, they kick, cross their arms, after maybe a long time of trying they walk away... however, moments later they come back, this time trying again to get the attention in a different way.  Now they are almost pleading.. practically begging for an answer, a minute of attention or just some sort of acknowledgement.   They try in every way they know how at their young age.  This time instead of being loud, and almost infuriating they are kinder sweeter.  They use softer voices, they offer a toy, they draw them a picture, they ask them what is wrong.  If they are lucky they get the attention of their "friend",  they get some validation.. when they don't it ends in tears, or an adult having to help the situation.. It rarely ever ends on a good note.  Will this scar the child?  No, probably not, does that make it ok?  No, not at all.

We hear awful stories about children being held captive, being locked in a room. Stories of children never being touched, babies never being held, we always hear how harmful this disconnect is.  Studies have been done showing how humans are even hurt by strangers ignoring them.   We need to feel connected I think, and when that connection is not there it hurts, plain and simple.  Some, many will argue, well if they're going to ignore you they aren't worth it, move on, F*** em, there are many others out there who will see your worth and not ignore you. Do they have a point? umm. Yes, I guess they do. 

Being ignored by a friend, or someone you have had a relationship with.. sucks! Yep, plain and simple, Sucks!!   I guess I have to believe they weren't worth it?? I don't know, in my case, I think he was worth it.  I just am not sure why.   When you get answers you don't like from someone I guess you should move on.. but what happens when you get all different ones, ones that don't really make sense based on their actions.. Don't actions speak louder than words?  And what if you question their words with their actions.. you said this, but did this... then nothing.. not a word... silence, after almost 3 months of talking every day... nothing, silence, dead air, no words.  What do you do?  Do they think you will just go away??   Maybe.  But do you?  Not usually... you do what you would do as a child, your inner child begins to guide your actions, and even your thoughts, because even as a grown up being ignored by someone you like SUCKS!!

You become infuriated, thinking over and over, you try harder, you send what I call "loser texts"(that would be almost equivalent to the pleading the child does), you talk to friends, you get mad and mad and mad.... then in addition to your "loser texts" you become soft, like someone you don't even know, you ask please, why, just one more chance... then nothing, no response.. and like when you were a child someone, usually a friend steps in, or no one does, and it well just sits with you until one day it doesn't.  Till that day comes it's hard. It can consume you, your thoughts and even your actions.  An answer, a voice, some words in response to you is all you want.  But, they don't come. I'd rather hear go away, I hate you, I met someone, even crazy bitch would suffice, ughhh, but nothing?? nothing leaves you disconnected, questioning, solemn, sad....   not a good place. 

I think I'd die in solitary confinement.. I think being ignored  is like living in your own solitary confinement, only worse because you're not alone really, you're just ignored by one person. You have to keep living, and connecting, and functioning when you feel like you really just don't want to.  I know some would argue that it's a choice, a choice to feel that way, I disagree. I don't choose to feel empty, and consumed by thoughts of it, it just is for now.

So, don't ignore anyone, answer them, even if it's bad news you must give them, just acknowledge them.   Sometimes just a smile to a child or a stupid :) in a text.. something!!!!!! 
Here is my unsent letter.....
Being ignored is not working in your favor it is not going to make me go away any quicker than a response.. it is just going to make me want you more, and if that's your point then answer me!!   If not.. well then YOU tell Me  to F*** off!

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