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Friday, April 5, 2013

You Can Always Ice Your Shins..

I've always been a runner, no, not a runner, a runner, simply defined as someone who likes to ignore, hide, or run from her problems.  Typically I run from them by finding another less hurtful problem to focus on.  Pathetic, I know.  But, in my intuitive mind, gut, and heart I'm betting I'm not the only runner out here in this world.

Problems suck, now, of course third world countries have experienced way bigger problems than I have, or that I can ever not wish to suffer, yet everyone has their own share.  Never judge a person by the way they perceive their problems, or how they define them. We all have them.
Of course like I said some worse than others but it's all personal, and no one really wants anyone else's. It's like that saying that I truly am not sure I agree with.. if everyone threw their problems in a pile, they'd want their own back.  I don't know, there are some things I can deal with better than others, I may try to sneak mine on someone else for a bit, and steal one of theirs.

I have now  decided to change this figurative running into literal running. Yes, follow me here, I am now going to try running, hell I've been doing it in my mind for years, why not put foot to path and clear the mind.. Of course Im a hell of a lot better at the figurative kind.  But, I like it, I like the idea that it is something I can do and see improvement (maybe). I like the clarity, the thought, even the physical pain makes me forget why I 'm really running,  I like the idea that there is a goal at the end.. something I am trying to reach for, -that would be a 5k... will I run the whole thing, I don't know, maybe walk some, but I will get out there.  The thing about running for me is that I started it out of the desire to run away from sadness.. is it helping uhhh, no, maybe.. ask me in a month??  but it is a positive change, a positive way to deal with problems instead of just running from them.. the pain I experience in my shins is now taking over the pain I feel in my heart, too bad shins.. .the heart needs a break..

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