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Monday, September 5, 2011

Race against the Clock..

Andd so it begins.  School. Work. Crazy. Hectic. Routine. Rushing. Waking up early.
The life I once knew called Summer.. is ending.. now as I type.  I can already feel the tension
of the clock pressing on my mind.  Like a race that lasts from now until June, with little slow downs, and lots of curves. 
The time I had for me is dwindling down to maybe two nights a month. I look forward to it, and I dread it all at the same time.  I kinda enjoy the slower pace of Summer, the not having to always worry about the clock.  Yet, at the same time I look forward to a little bit of routine. I don't yet look forward to the early darkness.. of the sun going down.. yet I know I will.  I do look forward to Autumn, and the leaves changing, but not to the dreaded winter.. ugghh,, no not the winter. The snow, the ice, the being trapped indoors.. no not a fan.  But we aren't there yet. So , I will try not to worry about that.
My dating sabbatical will be easier to deal with as I have limited time to partake in these daunting at times activities.  I will have limited time to deal with anything! I will try to use my time wisely.
I will try to use my crock pot more, try to yell hurry up less, I will try to remain calm through it all this year. I will try.
Here's hoping for a smooth sailing year .. where we get on all the teams we want, get all the parts in the plays we want, see friends, pass tests, little hw, science fair wins, confirmation, graduations, so much to look forward to, great first years, Holidays,
So I say with much sadness  good bye Summer... and hello again Clock..

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