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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Too Busy

Being busy is usually a very good thing. It keeps the mind healthy, and depending on how you're being busy it could be good for the physical parts too. As people age doctors tell them to keep busy. It will keep you going, keep you alive longer. Sometimes being busy makes the dull days go by quicker. If you're busy with important things well it gets things done. Being busy is good.. except when being busy is bad.
Unfortunately for some people being busy makes them miss out on the important things, that you really don't think are important. Yet, later realize they were. Later can be an hour, a day, days, weeks, months and years.  As later gets later (if you know what I mean), it gets sad. You wake up one day realizing how much you may have missed being busy. Playing legos with your kids, first steps, first touchdowns, homeruns... Maybe a friendship that moved away, a flower that you planted, yet were too busy to see, and when you noticed it it was all brown and wilted.   See, being busy can make the money, can keep you alive for 100 years( i exaggerate here) but it can be your biggest enemy.
Being busy can leave you lonely.. I was too busy to call, too busy to text, too busy to stop by... just too busy, work, life, kids.. too busy.  As a single mom I'm always busy.  Always.  I try not to miss everything, but of course that is impossible.
I don't want to be too busy to miss out on life.  I don't want to miss things that are right there in my face because I was too busy.
Sadly, many people will wake up lonely someday  because they were just too busy.
They will miss out on things that they can never get back, they will miss out on relationships they let go to the wayside, they will lose people that sincerely cared about them, they will miss their kids growing up, little things that could be big great things will be missed out on.. people things being the most important  why? .. because they were  too busy..Then later in life when it is time to be a little less busy, when you realize you were so busy making the money, getting the promotion, and now it's time to enjoy it  you'll realize all being busy got you was lonely, no one to share the profits of being busy.
Days go really slow but years fly by..   so be busy but never be too busy...

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