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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Solitude in (the) John

Today's been interesting so far.  Went shopping no not for food, for freakin socks, mmm hm. Socks.
I have a bunch of crazy people  company coming over for the weekend, to add to the crazy people,  people that already live here.  So we need to clean up.
Well it's bad enough being stuck in the house with my 3 men of company, but now they will be expected to help out. Ha Ha!  The neighbor tells me "you aren't strict enough, make them do it, make them listen", Yes she knows this because growing up I  always listened. She was really good at it, yeah ok, whatever.
I feel they are my responsibility, I ll figure it out.
So, I give out random jobs, nothing they've never done before. But I swear they must have a touch of dimentia, or alzheimers sometimes.  MOM  where do you keep the vaccum????
WHAT  dust with WHAT???   Do we have to clean the whole room?? No one sees it mom!!
How come he can do that, and I have to do this??
OK, it's freakin Hell people.    This is why I do this myself, and prefer it. Who can get anything done when you have to answer them 100 times.  So I decided to ignore them. That didn't work either, they just screamed louder.  
OMFG... do you know what I did finally ,  finally I came to my damn senses.

I hid in the bathroom. Yup, took the Ipod a magazine and a bottle of water. Locked the damn door, stuck the earphones in my ears and took a long sip, and a long sigh... now I still heard them, but it was muffled. Muffled was way better.  I liked it in there, I even cleaned it up a bit, sang a bit, shit I felt like breaking into a dance..
The bathroom.... next time though Im bringin some Skinnygirl.. yeah that would be nice....

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  1. Excuse me, I will be one of those crazy people coming this weekend..lol. ;) and I KNOW you are not cleaning for me!!