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Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh Well...

I am a bit sad today. Tomorrow, I and M and M's daughter would have been going to the Taylor Swift concert. To some that is nothing. But, I love her, I love her music, I love her nerve. I love what her songs say...anyway..

A guy,we'll call him Chef, that I dated not too too long ago bought me a lot of nice things. Most I got to keep. Not my tickets. He bought me 3. He held on to them. Now, normally I'm not that stupid but this time I was.
I was thinking of calling him and asking him for them.. keep in mind he hates M. This is how I imagine it will go...

Me-Hi Chef?
Chef- Hiiiiii... wow it's been so long, how are you?
Me-ummm, I'm good and you?
Chef-Ohhhh, so much better now that you've called, I've missed you...been thinking about you
Me-umm really?
Chef-Yesss, as  a matter of fact I was meaning to call you, tomorrow is that wonderful Taylor Swift concert. I wanted to tell you I Fed Exed those tickets out to you, you should have them today. I really, really hope you guys have a great time.. you so deserve it. And please send M my love.
Me-ummm,ok thanks
dial tone...

OK, I haven't had my coffee yet  I think in actuality it would go more like this..
Me-ummm Chef? hi. It's me.
Chef- yeah?
Me- I was just thinking about you, and ummm,remember back in Feb. you umm ,  well tomorrow is that concert thing you know the one with Taylor Swift, you ummm bought me and M those tickets... well ummm I know you hate country, and I know they were prettty pricey.. If you ummm fedexed me those tickets we could still get there... and oh um M says hello...and..
dial tone....

Oh well... guess another time for Taylor.
Maybe I should try calling the X to see if he'd like to return my engagement ring and wedding band next... ;)

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