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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nail Pops

I'm a thinker by nature. Maybe even an overthinker, I analyze,and scrutinize till it hurts, till there's nothing else to think about. Till I've thought every ounce out of it. Like squeezing a big rectangular sponge till it's completely bone dry and useless.
Lately, I 've been thinking about the word settling.  I 've always thought of it as a bad word, something you don't do. But, is it really bad? I mean I've heard the word used in different ways, maybe it's getting a bad rap.
When I bought my house they recommended not painting until the house was done settling because you'd get all those ugly nail pops and then have to repaint. The house settling, that's not bad. I mean it's kind of like it has to get used to its foundation, find the right fit, get comfortable in its own skin.
Jello settles. I mean you can't eat it at first it has to find its right consistency its perfect texture, shape fit to the bowl sort of thing. Then you can really enjoy it, doctorate up a bit  with some Reddi Whip. It just needs its time.
People seem happy when arguments or disagreements or financial issues are settled. "Ah, now there, that's settled", then there's usually a deep breath you know like a sigh...

I don't know I mean is settling really a bad thing??  I like the idea of comfort, of fitting in, of knowing someone really cares , or is always there.  You know like Jello where you fit snug as a bug like that bowl is your only happy place. Once you dig in it seems all sad and disrupted.  Settling,is it really the worst thing as long as it's not all bad, right?  I mean not everything is all good all the time.  Could you just settle and be happy?  Could you go back to that place, is it worth it?  Could it be that bad? I mean if you go back you kinda know what you're in for. You know what to expect, none of this wondering crap, it's kind of like well yeah I knew that would happen.
As long as the person is pretty much decent, not a murderer, so what if he doesn't like rollercoasters, or can't stay awake late, or is boring, or quiet?  In the end is that the most important?  Is settling for that comfort really bad?
Or do we stay on the journey, the path that we chose to take, the hard one, not the one that looks like the one in "The Wizard of Oz" where the munchkins welcome you but the one where the witch wants to turn you into a fireball. I mean we all know Oz is just a little green man himself, and really he can't do much once your there. Maybe we should settle a little more, maybe somewhere between the munchkins and the Witch.. I don't know.

Maybe I should just stop thinking.. maybe I should just hold off on  painting my walls just yet, and wait for the nail pops.

I don't know... maybe....

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