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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fat Pictures

When funny conversations happen, and even in my depressed state they do  I'm like an Eeyore and a Tigger all in one... and I have a computer nearby I can't help but write...

Why do friends put up bad pictures of  their friends on FB??   I mean really?? Seriously??  Why?
I think there must be some hidden meaning behind this.  Just trying to figure out what it is. I take awful, awful pictures.  If you know me you know when someone takes a picture of me I scrutinize and crop the shit out of it .My X hated this, he used to get so mad at me.. "show it to mom boys, let her check it out", and then he'd take it 50 more times. I try to be one of those people who can make goofy faces and stuff, no awful..Im even going to try and post proof of that on here,just to prove I CAN laugh at myself people!!!

But friends should know this. It's like a rule, one of those you know don't date your best friends ex no matter how  much money he has, sort of rule.
Do they do it to make you look bad?? M and I believe this is why. They 'in pictures' want you to look bad. Is it some sort of jealousy thing???  You know, like  haha  look what shit she looks like??  And how do you get them down??  Do you ask the friend ?  Is that rude?? Do I care if it's rude??? Not so much.

Are they a true friend?? Or one of those friends that will let you have the conversation with the hot guy while you have spinach stuck to your front tooth??  And how do you trust these people especially when they have cameras around??  Friends.... a strange thing.
I guess you can do it to them you know  take pictures that are odd, awful, or the all too common i look fat picture, and post them on FB...

Hmmm. or you can blog about it......

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  1. lmao...yup definitely jealousy or just plain cruelty!! Either way, there should be a button that lets you remove unsightly pictures of yourself lol. ;)