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Friday, August 5, 2011

Divorce (ohhh Insomnia)

Divorce is hard. Divorce is not fun. Divorce is not just an easy way out. Divorce is not an escape for a bad day. Divorce is not cheap. Divorce is emotional. Divorce is not something you do to your kids because you're mad at them, or to your spouse because you're mad at them.  Divorce is not so you can flirt with other men/women. Divorce it is not always understood by everyone. Divorce is not acknowledged in the Catholic Church.  Believe it or not Divorce is not selfish.  Divorce does not always have a very clear cut reason, and your neighbors don't have to understand your reasons. Divorce is not just a break up. Divorce does require a bit of grieving, more for some, less for others. There are no rules as to how much or how long you have to grieve. Divorce does not mean you're a failure.  Divorce is not meant for everyone. Divorce does not discriminate, it doesn't matter what your status symbol is,or how much money you make.  Divorce does not mean you will never be married again. It does not mean you will never fall in love. It does not make you just a statistic. It should not make you the gossip of the neighborhood. Divorce should not give people the right to judge you. Divorce does not mean you are a bad, or mean person who can't just put up with it. Divorce does not have to mean that your children will be divorced. It does NOT make you a bad mother.

Divorce makes you strong. Divorce makes you find yourself, and what you want,  what you need. Divorce shows you rather quickly who your friends are. It shows you what people think of you. Divorce teaches your children that life sometimes really sucks even when you have nothing to do with it. If done correctly Divorce can teach them to be strong individuals. Divorce does not have to knock you down. Divorce can make you a success. A success at your happiness, a success at making things better. A success at maybe just maybe finding new love. Divorce can teach you how to change a bike tire, how to mow the lawn, how to clean the bathrooms. Divorce teaches you to be humble. It teaches you to ask for help. It shows you who you can rely on when you are not enough.  It helps you clean out your closets of people who shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Divorce shows you that you can find good in everything, maybe not right away, but with time Divorce can be a wonderful teacher.

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