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Saturday, August 27, 2011


So, as of late I have not been my usual witty, sarcastic, albeit nasty self. Unless you ask the neighbor, she thinks I'm always nasty regardless of my real mood, oh well , can't make everyone happy.
Anyway, I am starting to feel better, starting to move on.. things are a changing, back to school, back to work, back to my crazy busy routine.. and secretly I can't wait, although by October I probably will have had enough.

Anyway, bracing ourselves for a hurricane.. Irene... I must admit I am not in the least bit concerned. Granted I don't live on the path directly, but some of my neighbors, not just THE neighbor are going crazy.  I am concerned and worried about some friends and family who have been evacuated (some are actually evacuated here), or who are on the path of Irene.  Some of my old neighborhood could face some problems in the next day or so, I hope it's slight. 

If I have to find the positive in this, which is my new "way of living", finding the positive in everything no matter how slight.  I would say that people, are way more important than things.  This is a common thread lately.  I struggle everyday making ends meet financially.  I worry about it of course, but I take it day by day.   But in the end people matter so much more.  How we treat them, how they treat us.   I know I blogged about people being replaceable, and still I believe to an extent they are. BUT, family, close friends, friends of friends, etc.  no, not replaceable, the relationships the feelings our loved ones are not replaceable.  Irene is not threatening me, I'm not worried about my house, or the things I so neatly removed from my deck, and my patio. I am worried about the people and how it will affect them, their feelings.   I guess I just care, maybe too much.  I m hoping you all realize this is just a blip on the radar, keep your family and friends close, it will be fine.  

Two of my friend's daughters were in a car accident just the other day. One is fine, thank goodness, her car is totaled. But does it matter? no.  She is fine, cars don't matter, the people driving them do.  My other friend well her daughter is not doing so well.. I pray she will be OK, has anyone thought twice about that car, no, not at all. The car doesn't matter. Things sometimes turn out badly, but it's the people that matter, you can get through the financial part, the losing the license, the embarassment, the humility.. as long as the people are ok.  The important things, people.

So come on Irene, bring it.. My life has been through a lot of hurricanes, a lot of ripping things down, broken hearts, broken bones, sad kids, financial loss, change, moves, deaths.. and  I'm still here..

Thank you Irene.. for allowing people to worry a little about people today, maybe making them stop and think about what is really important. To those who still can't see that the biggest losses, material losses, can be replaced, can be weathered,  I feel bad for you.  For those who still can't open their hearts and their minds I pray you will someday know what it is like to truly truly care and worry about someone, and to appreciate the people that do care, and worry about you.   Let Irene help you get there.  You'll be a better person for it. 

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