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Monday, August 8, 2011

Anyone know a Brain Surgeon??

Lather, rinse, repeat, lather, rinse, repeat.. everyone knows what that is.
It's the word repeat I'm stuck on. repeat.. repeat .. repeat...

I need a shuffle button on my brain, like the one on my Ipod. The one that mixes up the songs instead of playing them in the same old order. I already have the other button you know when you want to hear the same song over and over. Which might I add I do that a lot too. I am doing it as we speak (or as I type). I think I 've listened to this song now mmmm.. about 12 times.. and that's ok... It's ok because Im  choosing, consciously choosing to listen to it over and over.

But my brain man you'd think I'd have more control over that.. I don't.  It's on repeat constantly.  One thing over and over. It could be anything.. work, kids, money, relationships.. whatever.. but when it starts I can't make it stop.  Why can't I have control over my own brain?? I mean it's mine, no one else has one quite the same I'm sure. It's not even something you can lend out. If I could then I could blame someone else for getting the button stuck. But, nope, no can do..I've tried everything to make it stop.. writing, talking, TV, eating, walking, running, showering, damn even sleeping. I wake up and POOF  it's on. Really??  Thank God the electric company doesn't charge for this.. hmmm.. they probably would if they knew.
I'm wondering if a cat scan would help? Maybe the button would show up in there, and McDreamy or someone like him could just flick, shut it off. It probably wouldn't take long.. just a little flick of a button.

Maybe I could find a brain surgeon who needs some experience??

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