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Monday, August 1, 2011

Yes, Single Daughter of 3..

In the search for an outlet for everyday annoyances, and happenings, I've decided to try blogging.  I don't know how this will go as I am really computer illiterate, but I'm willing to try new things.

Yes, Single daughter of 3.. in short, my parents live in the townehome next door to me. I sometimes feel more like a daughter, friend, enemy, confidant, psychologist to my mom then a mom to my boys.  Now, I love my mom, probably more than anyone in the world, but she's my mom, and we all know how that goes. As much as a blessing as it is to have her next door it can also be the devil disguised in shorts, or capris and a tshirt as well.

I am divorced. My mom, well she doesn't or shall I say didn't believe in divorce.  I think if she had, I may not have made it to this place, and I'm 41.
I have 3 boys.. my little guy who is going into kgn.. (but has the mind, and smarts of a 20 yr old), my middle guy who is going into 5th grade ( the athletic one, who is total class clown, and as my gf says likes the shock value of things), and my oldest  entering 8th grade, going through puberty, and also has  the mind, and smarts of a 20 something). All wonderful.. and different.. and  shall I say with love of course, time consuming.
Let's not forget the X he lives 5 minutes away.. enuff said.

I teach preschool, little money, a lot of time, a lot of whining.. but jobs right now are few and far between, so I took what I could get for now.   So, needless to say I'm on Summer Vacation.. Vacation... HA!  I hardly call having to entertain 3 boys, who I think have said "what are we doing today?"  everyday since they got off that lovely yellow school bus, a vacation.   No, in my head Vacation, is sand, sun, me on a raft in a pool with an umbrella in my drink, and a tan Jacques refilling it right before the last sip.. ahhhh.. yes, Vacation.. at least how I remember it.  This is a break.. just a break. Maybe someday my vacation will include a guy, a man, a significant other of the opposite sex?? Maybe I'm hopeful, hopeless, or just NUTS!!  Divorces are expensive, mine although simple, cut and dry still was not fun... but ok, I'll remain hopeful.. I have met some nice men... I think.  As a side note I give a lot of credit, round of applause, hats off to women who have husbands, and like them even when they're home.

I am not into politics, world news, or any of the sort. This does not make me stupid.. I am aware. I like just being aware. I am aware we as a country are in a financial wreck, but I'm more concerned that I am in a financial wreck.  I know enough to get me through, and to keep my boys educated.
I am into Reality TV, maybe that's why reading other people's blogs interests me. Makes me feel better.. well for a little while, of course when comparing myself to Snooki I feel better, except that she went to Europe, and Im still here in PA.

I think my blogs will be random. Simple.  An easy read, as I like to say.  They will probably jump around a lot, as I am not the most organized of people. I do like lists though, maybe I'll write lists, maybe I won't. I guess that remains to be seen.

Random- As I sit here blogging, journaling, typing, middle guy is screaming "there is no toilet paper in here", as I respond " I know"  he wonders why I am not getting it.  Well, there has been no toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom since yesterday. I have announced this more than once. I have been using the bathroom in my bedroom where there IS toilet paper. They have all been using this one, and I'd rather not think about what they've been doing for the past 2 days in place of the toilet paper. He is still asking when I'm coming. Well, the answer is simple... I'm not. I am not the only person that lives in this house.. and I guess today someone else is going to have to get the toilet paper. :)

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