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*It would be so nice if somethings made sense for a change-Alice; Alice in Wonderland

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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Blogger block, and hangover, two things that must go hand in hand. I have nothing at  all to write, nothing to say, which if you know me is a tremendous oddity.  Ok, I'm sure I can write about how people are weird. How sad, or happy I am or neither. But the hangover is making me all dizzy and as I wait for a friend of mine to get out of the shower with her husband here getting ready to leave I wanted to type.  I don't know why. I don't know what the pull of the keyboard was for. Because, really I have nothing to say. All fuzzy, and dizzy today with nothing to say. Skinnygirl can do that to me,she really was Skinnybitch last night.  I guess in place of the calories she put weird stuff in there. My girlfriend says it's the herbs, the agave crap. I don't know, what I do know is two bottles of the herbs by yourself are way tooo much, and give a nasty dizzy feeling the next day, leaving me with bloggers block.
Hmmm, I'm still typing about nothing, I wonder if anyone is really reading this crap. Anyway, I put Bailey's in my coffee cause M's hubby who I will just refer to as my faux hubby said it would help take the edge off. I don't know if it did, but it was yummy.  I won't make that a habit though. In the attempt to numb some sadness last night I killed myself for the day after. The remedy ??  Do it again.  Yeah I ll do it again tonight. Ok, maybe not two bottles, maybe I ll try another poison.. see what that does to me. Maybe I'll just drink a little less, but I like feeling numb sometimes, feels good I think.. well really, I don't know because when you're numb you feel nothing.. I think the only way I know I felt numb is because I feel dizzy... so I guess tomorrow I'll know if tonight I feel numb... oh well, just another blog about absolutely nothing..

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