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Friday, August 5, 2011


Timing.. so important.  Probably the most important thing in getting a job, going to school, buying a house, being or not being in a relationship, ask anyone who bought their houses before the bubble or the ones who are right now trying to sell,  timing is everything.
Timing in my life sucks!! It always has. This bothers me because as a control freak, it is something I cannot control. It doesn't bother me because I know it isn't my fault, yay! Something that really may not be my fault, just the fault of the Gods. Still, it sucks, my timing sucks.

I am finally ready, not to get married, or be a mom to a guy, or to his kids but ready to open my heart, to tell it all, to air my dirty laundry, (which might I add is piled on the floor near my washer), to be vulnerable again! Ready!  Where are all the ready people that are supposed to be welcoming me with open arms? Here one minute gone the next.. Timing you suck!
I met a guy once.. a great guy, we had so much in common, even GLEE seriously this is rare.. I was ready.. so was he .. YEAH OKKK!!  He acted as though he was ready, as though our timing had been aligned by the stars.. wow, my timing was on!!  Yeah , till his was off. Then he disappeared..  Timing... I moved on, I got over it, it took a long time. I did a lot of stupid girl things, I could've been the girl in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days",   I chalked it up to timing..
I seem to meet a lot of those guys. Why??  I think if it ever comes to me actively doing Match again, Im going to ask to only date guys that have had about 20 girlfriends, after their divorce of 20 years. If you know anything about Match you know those odds are just as great as meeting one.

Timing- I need a job. Don't get me wrong I teach preschool , I love it. To the moms that read my blog, I love your kids. They make me smile, laugh, I play with them, they're great, and I whole heartedly mean that. That is why I went into teaching.  The issue is just the money.  But, again, if you know anything about being an educator right now, well you are shit out of luck...  Timing.

My little guy is starting Kgn.  He missed the cutoff last year, had it been the same as NY he'd be going to first grade right now. He's so smart, and so great... I'd have been able to volunteer in his class this past year if  he were in kgn as I would not have had a job. Timing- I got a job, he starts school I can't volunteer.

All in all my timing just seems to suck. I hope G d has an awesome plan for me, I hope I can find that, see it, I hope when it shows  my timing will be spot on.....

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