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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guinea Pigs and Relationships

A few months back my oldest son wanted a guinea pig. Well, ok, not true hes wanted a pet, a dog for sometime, we did have one, that's another story. Anyway he settled for a guinea pig. This guinea pig, Scott, is not such a bad pet actually. I will say I was against it, but he paid for it along with his dad, so ok I caved.  He can become a stinky fat guy,but in his defense it's not really him, it's his living quarters. If you follow me on FB you know I have tried to take care of this guy by even sitting in a vet's office and suffering from all of the ahem, adorable cats and dogs there, that I am highly allergic too, but as always I digress. Anyway all these people love their animals, and I know my son loves Scott,how could I resist, now between us I think the ridiculous amount of money I paid for this visit was a joke. I mean the visit was almost 5 times the cost of the animal!  Really??  Ok, but again, he loves him, and secretly I kinda like him too, well except for the occasional nip here and there when I try to feed him..   My point. It's coming.
Pets, people love em.  They are a responsibility. They as I've tried to teach my son are a responsibility until they are dead and buried, ok, I wasn't so harsh, but you get the idea.
They take time, love, money,maintenance.. no matter what other responsibilities we have to take care, or they stink.  

Relationships are kinda like that too. All kinds, require the occasional phone call, or text, or visit. If we want a friendship to last we have to keep up with it. You can't let too much time pass with no communication.   Life has a funny way of getting in the way of Life.  We have to find ways to find the time. Not just in the beginning, but through the whole relationship, otherwise like Scott they start to stink.. and sometimes no cleaning will get rid of that smell.   Everyone is busy, and nobody should think their time is more important than anyone else's. If you care about someone, or that relationship you have to put the time into it even if it is just a little bit. Little things mean a lot, I know everyone has heard that , it's so true. You know that call, "hey I know it's Monday and you hate Mondays.. thinking of you"....  the text  " hi hon, just want you to know I heard a song, and thought of you"... how bout crazy things  like an email, a stop by for a half hour even if you have to travel.  A flower to a friend who maybe is having a hard time, or just because...  So many ways to do this. I have friends girls, guys  that live so far away, some I haven't seen in eons, but we keep in touch as minimal as it may be I know that if I need to go to NY, or SI  I have somewhere to go where arms will be open. It's an awesome feeling.
I think it goes hand in hand with communication. Never assume someone won't understand, I think people are a hell of a lot more understanding then we give them credit for.  
My X used to go out straight from work to hang out with friends, and not tell me. I'd worry where he was, (well in the beginning anyway),if something happened. Nope, he just didn't as he said want to hear my mouth, you know that maybe just maybe I had a bad day and needed him home. He never thought that maybe just maybe I'd have understood. How can someone be understanding if they don't know what they are supposed to be understanding??

Litter mixed with pee smells nasty.. maintenance keeps it away.. relationships I think are so much easier when we realize they are work, if you know you don't have time for it don't get the guinea pig.  He'll be fine at Petco, someone else will love him, if you take him home and you let Life get in the way he's going to get hurt, take him home love him up, feed him, clean up after him, he'll do just fine.. except when you turn the vaccum on and get to close... but you know what I mean..

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