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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear Em,

My baby is leaving for college.   OK, well not exactly, but sort of.

As you know I don't actually have any children leaving for college yet, I kind of wish I did somedays, but truth be told if I did I'd probably be sad too. But in some ways my baby is leaving, my best friend's baby. 
I have known Em since she was about a year and a half. I will admit we have had our disputes, just like any other mother daughter, well sort of. We did actually get into a fight with a phone once. Maybe she was two, but she started it, and she hit me with it first. She also got "in the way" of her mom and I going out to get drunk on many a weekend, many many years ago. The nerve.  She needed her mom there to go to sleep, grandma was never enough.  She also needed to hold her mom's hand in the car, what an annoyance that was! Em was a little bitchy, a little spoiled, but very cute. I think she's still the same, I guess not much changes. 
So, in some ways my baby is leaving for college.  She will no longer be living with her mom, something I know is a struggle probably for both.  But, I guess it's time for her to move on, for her to take everything her mom (and I haha)  have taught her and apply it by herself. My gut tells me she will do beautifully.  
SO, I know you all don't need to read this, so you may X out at anytime.

Dear Em,
I am so so proud of you. I never had the chance to have a daughter, and sometimes I think that was a good thing. But I know if I had been able to place an order for one, I'd want her to be just like you.   I know you probably think Im the mean mom.. lol, and I am, I wouldn't let you sleep at certain places, or drink with me, or get all tatooed up. Nope I probably wouldn't have. But I'm not your mom. However, I love you like I am your mom. I have watched you grow up even if thru your mom's eyes. You have done such a wonderful job of growing up.. and I mean that with all my heart. You have turned into such a wonderful "grown up".  I know that whatever you face on your own in college you will face head on, and make great decisions. I know this because I know how you were raised, and because you are smart, and strong in what you believe. 
I hope you have a wonderful, (well not all that wonderful) college experience. I hope you know that whenever you need someone that I am always here for you (and i wont be on the phone :( ).  You will always have a bed, couch, or floor here.  I love you very much, and again, I am just so proud of you. I know you will be missed at home (who will load the dishwasher?) dearly. I know you will miss them too.  Just know that you are so loved, and again I am so proud of you.
I love you bitch.. <3

So, yes in many ways my baby is leaving for college.. but I know she'll do great.


  1. And let the crying begin :(, think there will be lots of it for the next few days :(

  2. aww kat<3 whenever i come home to visit i'll come see you! you're like my other momma dukes, you've always been there for me and i'll never forget that<3

    p.s. im only as bitchy as the people around me ;)