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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Freaky Friday or Blogging about Nothing

I lost 2lbs. this week, I think it was just in my chest though, my heart, falling out.
This happens a lot. As Taylor Swift as I can be, and as funny as I can be. I can be downright depressing as well, that's why I put the Caution blog up.  I'm at a point in my life that I don't really care if people don't like it or are intimidated by it.  Besides, no one should be intimidated by me. My kids aren't.

Anyway, the 2lbs....  Again no concrete reasons, just mere intuition, gut feeling stuff.  Am I the only one like this? I mean really it's like that movie Freaky Friday, have I been taken over by a 17 year old girl??  Feels like it sometimes.
Most of you reading this are probably married.. sorry.. kidding..just  trying to keep my sanity. Due to your marriage you probably can't relate. But if you think back to pre marriage maybe you can.. maybe a little?
I think I'm getting carried away with this blogging stuff... it's my new drug.. i think that's ok though. I must say I do feel a little better getting it out there.  Not sure you do .. but hey this is about ME not you! and you only have to read it (or not)  I get to live it!
A friend of mine started a Haternation group on FB.. she put me in as a member, and I love that!! Thanks D! Another place for me to hate.. where I can be accepted.
Oh well.. I'm really hoping to put those 2lbs back on...

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