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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Toothpaste and Pee

Ok, so as you will learn I have a little bit of  OCD, and then the ADD kicks in  which does not me allow to finish what I'm currently OCDing about.  It's a  vicious cycle.. as I said I'm on break now, I have time for this,time to compulsively write.  When September comes it will be more of a struggle.

I find cleaning to be annoying, but a part of life that seriously when it catches up with you kicks your ass!!
I have been getting my ass kicked lately.  I will sorrily admit that the X  was neater than me, and when he cleaned even the dirt shined.  I clean, I don't know that it shines though.  One thing he did do for me was
clean the bathrooms.  I miss that about him, the cleaning of the bathrooms. The way I see it was he put me through a lot of shit, (metaphorically speaking of course), I just convinced myself that him cleaning the bathrooms was his way of making up,you know, he cleaned the shit.

In Brooklyn we had two bathrooms, but only really used one. My landlord was a cheapo and never fixed the sink in the master bath so I used that to blow dry my hair, because X hated cleaning the hair.  Seriously??
Now we have 3 bathrooms, and just me.  The downstairs bathroom which does have toilet paper in it now, due to a 5 and a half year old having a melt down, and a mom tired of listening to the shrieks of "please, I think I have a rash".. I gave in.
Ok, so 3  bathrooms is great except when the X is no longer around to clean them.

I have learned that boys pee differently than girls. Yes we sit they stand, I know.  But why can't they aim?? My 10 year old can pitch a great ball to a small glove, over a small base  with ease. But ask him to control his  stream of pee.. well no, maybe if I put a mitt in the toilet that would help.  The damn pee is everywhere!!  I have tried vinegar,(my grandmother once cleaned her whole entire house with it) borax, bleach, limeaway, Mr.Clean, you name it I've tried it. I can't even find the pee anymore, but I can smell it. Try masking that odor. You can't.  My 13 year old is embarrassed to have friends over because I have toys in my living room , they are contained to one area.. but this at 13 is uncool.  But, they can use their bathroom, WHAT??  You aren't embarrassed that your bathroom sometimes smells like the Bronx Zoo on a 110 degree day??? I don't get it. I'm tired of cleaning pee. I feel like I'm always cleaning pee. Can't they sit??  Seriously is it that much of an ordeal?????????  I guess it is...

Toothpaste.. ugh hate it. It's the stickiest nastiest stuff to clean, I don't get how it cleans your teeth. Try getting it off your shirt!!
X hated that I didn't roll the toothpaste at the bottom, like I said, he was neater. I tried, well in the beginning I tried, to roll it from the bottom. Tried to remember to always put the cap on.  I wasn't good at it.  When he annoyed me I just left it sticking to the side of the sink, with an extra squirt here and there, he cleaned it.   When he moved out I felt like squirting the shit all over the bathroom, but quickly remembered how I was now the cleaner of bathrooms.  It is nice though not to have to worry about putting the cap on.  My boys and toothpaste, that's another story...

I find toothpaste EVERYWHERE!!! Kudos to the dentist that told me I should brush their teeth( Ha I'd like to tell my 13 year old that) Toothpaste everywhere bewilders me as I'm pretty sure they do not brush their teeth all that often. Does that make me a bad mom??  I don't know, maybe, I'm sure I do worse.  However, who is it then that is brushing their teeth?? OR what are they using the toothpaste for??  I have found it on the walls, my 13 year old stepped on a tube in his BEDROOM  for G d 's sake, but that's not embarrassing.. I will say his room smelled much better.

Anyway, toothpaste... how do you get it off walls??  It's on every towel by the time I get to launder them, It's on their shirts, it's  freaking everywhere...  You would think the pee smell would go away or at least be masked by the minty smell of Crest but nope, nope , it isn't.
So, I clean their bathroom repeatedly, and when I can't take it anymore I call my neighbor, and she brings over the Borax diluted in water already in the bucket, she wears gloves,-i'd wear one of those suits you see men wearing when they go to attack an asbestos filled building,-  and like any good mom scrubs the floor, the toilet everything... I love my mom for that.

Did I mention I hate cleaning bathrooms, especially toothpaste and pee.  I think I may have stayed married just for the help if I had thought about it long enough.  I'm glad I didn't think about it that long.
I guess I'll just keep cleaning them what other choice do I have, cavities and diapers??... hmm.  there's a thought.

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