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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm Letting My Hair Grow

I know these 2 people, one is about 17ish, and the other one is in her early 40's. They are both great, and obviously very different. I will refer to the younger one as Hope, and the older one as Faith.
Hope is still very young. She is carefree with a lot of things.  She gets things done but maybe at a slower pace than women older than her. Faith on the other hand is like a machine! If it needs to get done it gets done. I've seen her clean a house, feed a family and chauffeur the kids around in less then an hour, and it's done right. She amazes me.
Hope-still likes boys, rollercoasters, having a catch, watching TV, rainbows, stuffed animals, and gummi bears. She believes in crazy mad love. She constantly thinks with her heart.
Faith on the other hand is smart, she thinks with her head. She's more logical, less emotional. She has kids, they are well taken care of, super kids. Actually she's like a Super Mom. Balances the checkbook perfectly, takes care of the plumbing, the cooking, the cleaning. She goes to school meetings, she works, does their HW, puts bandaids on their knees. Takes care of them, and her parents maybe not herself though.
Hope takes care of herself a little more.  She, even though more carefree, worries. She worries about her hair, her clothes, who likes her, what people think about her. Her heart is more open, and she gets it broken a lot.  She's trying to let her hair grow long, and lose weight.
Faith has no time for these trivial things like hair, boys, and clothes.  She usually has toothpaste or food on her shirt, and no time to change it.  She knows her hair looks better short and has given up on braids and ponytails.  

I love both of them very much. Someday I'll introduce Hope and Faith. I ll let them be friends.  That will be the day I won't worry,or care  that others may find it an odd relationship....

Hope- A dream of what is wanted or needed.
Faith-Can turn that dream into reality.

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