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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trying to be Thankful (the second time)

So, I noticed that my post from yesterday did not appear.. this just proves my computer skills are pretty sad. Since I can't find it, not like can't find my keys find it, but totally disappeared can't find it.. I'm going to attempt it again, because I thought it was important...

In the last 5 years I have gone through many changes, not all bad persay, but many difficult ones. I lost my grandmother- I watched my boys grieve, I saw my mom cry, hard, for the first time, I moved to another state, I got my Certification to teach in this new state, I divorced my husband of almost 16 years, helped (still helping) my boys adjust, oh, and my parents adjust to a new state and a new divorce. I think they had a harder time than we did!!   But, in all this I have learned some really great things.. (here's a list, love lists )
1. I have a great sense of humor
2. I am a pretty strong, and independent girl
3. I know exactly what I want in a relationship
4. I have one very best friend <3
5.I am trying to be more thankful

This leads me to my simple list (love lists) of what it is I am thankful for ..well for now...
1.  Ok, of course my boys, always, always, my boys,even though at this very moment I'm tempted, slightly tempted to throw them all out of my house!!  in a loving way .
2. My mom, yep the devil, my friend, my mom, the woman who has repeatedly, without knowing saved my life.
3. My hair. It does not frizz in this  humidity, nope I don't put anything in it. But if you see it frizzy you should seriously head for an ac because damn it must be hot!
4. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
5. Gummy Bears
6. Skinnygirl Margarita, or as my bff refers to it as Skinnybitch. <3
7. Coffee.  Iced. Hot.  It's all good.
8. My job, yep my little 3 year olds have honestly brought me some smiles.. some laughter...
9.Sunrises- and shared they're even better :)
10. Match.com.- Is giving me the hope that maybe, just maybe my meant to be is out there. Fingers crossed for now.
11. That I gave cocky a chance.. (that's a private one)
12. That even though I am getting older, I am getting older, some of us never get or shall I say got the chance.
13. My best friend M, she saves me everyday especially from myself. She is my soulmate, and sometimes the only one that makes me laugh. The holder of all my secrets, and I'd die without her. <3
14. My home, the fact that I have one.
15. Strength - that I find it everyday to just say ok, it will be ok, even when I think maybe it won't.
16. Perfume
17. Flowers(tulips are my favorite) -especially ones I don't have to buy myself
18. Taylor Swift
19. Nick Vujicic- if you don't know him google him you'll never feel the same way about your life.
20. Crayons
21. The smell of a man, cologne, sweat, whatever!
22.9pm  the time where I can sit on my couch and hear.... nothing.....
23.Texting-  please note these are in no particular order, as this probably would have been first ;)
24. Cheesecake
25. A really good cheeseburger
27. Health-mine, my boys, my parents, my friends
28.Rainy days-they help me get my house in order, and "fix" the lawn that my dad has burned from his obsession  with fertilizer.
29.Romance- if it's not out there please don't spoil it for me, and Ill be thankful for that too.

30.Mostly I am thankful that I have learned that although Im far from perfect, (much to the dismay of many), I am pretty good, a pretty good catch.. and that I do have so much to be thankful for, and my list grows every single day... and I am so thankful for that......

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