*Sometimes I wish I weren't so smart, so intuitive. Wish I were stupid, naive, ignorant..just sometimes... Me

*It would be so nice if somethings made sense for a change-Alice; Alice in Wonderland

*Shut the front door.... Oreo

*Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind-Dr. Seuss

*If you think it's about you, it probably is even if I didn't mean it to be... Me

*When there's an elephant in the room introduce him- Randy Pausch

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good in Everything..

Lately, I have been trying to find the silver lining in a cloud. Mother nature must have heard me, because she is certainly giving me enough material to work with.  I am still bothered by this insomnia. As I am learning I am definitely in a slump, a funk, down, blue, sad lately. I am trying to work on this. While looking for that lining I decided to see what wonderful (insert eye roll)  things could come from this Insomnia.  So here's what I've learned:
*They actually sell the perfect meatloaf pan. Really?  It looks like a cake pan, a loaf pan actually, I wonder if they think they are the first ones to invent this. My neighbor has had a "meatloaf pan" probably since my birth. I knew she should've marketed that.
*I learned how to french braid my bangs. I'm still a little rusty but doing it for a few nights and hours at a time, I think Ill be able to braid the guinea pig's hair soon too.
*I'm pretty good at search a word puzzles.. moving on to the big scary crossword ones soon.
*Facebook has some odd characters on at 2am.. if you are one of them, I apologize.
*All 3 of my boys talk in their sleep. Of course not necessarily at the same time but at points it does sound like a cackling bunch of girls.
*They make a Christmas Tree Chia Pet.. it even has a star on top of it.
*As of last night there are approximately 131 days till Christmas, better hurry up and get that Chia Pet
*Randy Pausch's book The Last Lecture is still inspiring after the 5th read.
*Insomnia causes Depression.... Depression causes Insomnia... sigh...
*Kangaroos cannot walk backwards... I'm pretty sure I can, but that will be for another night
*Bullfrogs are the only animal that do not sleep, I can attest to this as I am up in the middle of the night listening to them, they are QUITE annoying!!!!
*Eating celery burns calories.. this is my new 3 am snack
*Your breathing rate increases when you start to type..so you can imagine I sound like a panting dog in the desert right now
*For every human in the world there is approximately one chicken.. KFC should look into this
*Not one english word rhymes with month... I have tried, believe me!
*I really, really miss this person, and the longer I am awake the longer I miss him, I also find myself getting annoyed by this.
*I would really like to get drunk again soon, not messy sloppy drunk, just happy drunk
*I love, love my Ipod.. for those of you who do not know my oldest son bought it for me last month with his money.. sweetest thing ever.
*Listening to sad music, break up songs , love songs, you know those songs make me cry, but listening to happy upbeat dance music doesn't make me laugh.. I need to think about this one a little more.
*Chewing gum for an hour burns 20 calories, it also gets in your hair if you fall asleep with it in your mouth
*I have way too many tee shirts
*The train passes every single night I think it's about 2 am that I hear it, but I swear the other night it was closer to 4

So, I guess through this Insomnia/Depression thing I am becoming one smart girl.. sleep is really overrated..

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